Water atomizer in dairy farms: suggestions and advices

We have explained many times how hot temperatures affect dairy cows with negative consequences for their health and production losses as well.
In addition to a proper and appropriate ventilation, which helps animals to dissipate heat from their bodies, air/water combined systems are also often used.

Water, especially vaporized by atomizers installed on air circulator fans, contributes to giving the animal a feeling of well-being. It is however important that water spreading is always associated with ventilation in order to ensure a more homogenous water dispersion that guarantees benefits also to those cows that are not necessarily placed under the atomizer.

Also the atomization level is an important factor: drops that are thin enough evaporate quickly and don’t accumulate on the animal's skin. Drops in fact can create a film that obstructs the normal heat dissipation and causes diseases such as dermatitis.
Furthermore, with an abnormal groundwater quantity, farmers should consider a drained and non-slip flooring.  Also the stagnation of water mixed with droppings is absolutely to avoid because it can create a dangerous and unhealthy environment both for the animals and the workers inside the barns.

Pericoli's RWA

Termotecnica Pericoli offers a full range of water atomizers which can satisfy all the customer’s needs. RWA is produced in plastic in order to optimize weight and corrosion resistance. Each model can work with water at standard pressure without any nozzles in order to avoid any possible problems caused by calcification and water impurities. The water flow can be regulated according to the customer’s need.