Termotecnica Pericoli signs the collaboration with Rufepa for the construction of over 200 hectares of greenhouses in Egypt

The project 

Last year the Egyptian government announced its plans to give its domestic economy a boost with the construction of more than 40.000 hectares of protected crops. Ever since, Egypt has been exploring the opportunities with various partner countries and key players within the international horticultural industry.

The collaboration between Pericoli and Rufepa

One of the greenhouse builders is Rufepa Techno Agro from Spain which signed a contract for the turnkey delivery of over 200 hectares, including irrigation systems, climate control, screening systems: from the seed to the consumer.
Termotecnica Pericoli got the order for the construction of 1100 indirect air heaters – combiTERM series – that will be installed inside the greenhouses to heat the crops when temperatures will not be sufficiently comfortable for plants.

"We are very pleased that this important assignment was given to us: we do not deny that the competition on the project was really tough, fortunately in the past our company already cooperated with Rufepa so the quality of our products was already known as well as our work method.
Egypt as well  (and the North African area in general) is one of our most regular markets: for decades we have been exporting our products to these areas. Our brand is appreciated and well recognized, and this also played a key role in choosing Termotecnica Pericoli as heating partner! " declared Fabrizio Sappa-Sales Manager.

All the team in Albenga factory is working very hard, keeping punctual delivery times and ensuring the customer a smooth project continuation. The first containers have already reached the final destination, and many others are ready to be shipped,  as planned during the negotiation phase.
Our production process showed a good reaction to this great amount of work demonstrating strong dynamism, adapting to the customer's demands and timing without, however, neglecting the normal work routine that – during the summer months- undergoes a strong and natural increase due to the great demand of fans.

"I would like to personally thank Ing. Morales, CEO of Rufepa, for  his preference. After so many years of mutual collaboration he first thought about us when he had to contact a partner for such important project” said Mauro Pericoli (administrator).