Specialising for over 50 years in the production of machinery for climate control of large environments

Termotecnica Pericoli is an Italian family business founded in 1967 in Albenga. It started from the initiative of Domenico Pericoli, who is the founder of our first workshop, dealing with boilers for civil use.

In over 50 years we have specialized in the production of climate control machinery for large spaces. Termotecnica Pericoli designs and manufactures equipment for industrial climate control in greenhouses and warehouses, both for livestock and industrial use.

Efficiency, quality and attention to detail have led us to leadership in the sector of ventilation, heating, cooling in various fields:

  • agriculture in greenhouses, for flowers, vegetables, grow rooms, cannabis, mushroom barns;
  • livestock, such as poultry farming (broilers, laying hens, turkeys, etc.), cattle, dairy cows, pigs;
  • industrial, for ventilation and air exchanges, dry cooler and air treatment.
edificio per la ventilazione
Ventilation Optimal mechanical ventilation that combines efficiency with a focus on environmental impact.
Heating Industrial heating systems providing thermal comfort and designed to maintain a warm environment with the right humidity levels
Cooling The essential solution when natural or mechanical ventilation alone is not enough to cool the room.
G-Line The new eco-friendly product line to meet all future customer, market and societal needs


A wide range of products that reflect Italian-made standards

Our products are indisputed standard-bearers of Made in Italy in the world and are designed to best meet the demands and needs of customers in the management of industrial plants.

The product range of Termotecnica Pericoli includes:

  • exhaust fans;
  • air circulation fans;
  • indirect air heaters;
  • direct-fired gas air heaters;
  • adiabatic cooling and water atomizers;
  • G-line of environmental-friendly products;
  • accessories to create integrated systems.


Cutting-edge design and performance testing

Our Research & Development team works by using advanced instrumentation. We have created a real PERIlab, equipped with avant-garde machinery to test the performances of the products. It allows us to work in absolute autonomy, by designing, planning and analyzing each prototype step by step with excellent results in: energy efficiency, durability and consumption.

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  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability
  • Consumption
  • Performance certificate
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Quality at the heart: in design, in details, in service to our customers

The endless research activity in industrial air conditioning allows us to face in an absolutely optimal way the changes of a constantly expanding, increasingly globalized, and technologically advanced market.

We are a reliable company with branches and representative offices in Asia, America and the Middle East.

Our staff is highly qualified and we are strategically located around the world to reach customers 24/7.

Those who choose Termotecnica Pericoli products can count on a complete technical and human assistance and support service as well as on a widespread network of agents and distributors in every continent.

Our goal for the near future is to offer higher and higher performing products with particular attention to the original Italian design, by making use of the most advanced technologies. All Termotecnica Pericoli products’ performances are certified by the most important authorities. Their consumption complies with the latest directives of eco-sustainability to increase production and reduce management costs.