Air Treatment

Industrial Air Treatment

Termotecnica Pericoli produces in its factory in Priola (Cn) a cooling pad for air treatment, called PERIcool as useful components to be installed inside industrial air treatment machinery:

  • dry cooler;
  • chiller;
  • air treatment units;
  • gas turbines;
  • adiabatic coolers.


We mean industrial adiabatic coolers used to dispose of the heat extracted from various types of production processes.


In fact, cooling towers are commonly used in food production and industrial thermoregulation applications where it is necessary to reach or maintain

low temperatures for the proper functioning of the production process.


A mechanical direct evaporative refrigeration unit uses a fan to draw air through a wet membrane, or buffer, which provides a large surface area for water to evaporate. Termotecnica Pericoli supplies this “buffer”, also called cooling pad.


The cooling pad is made of fine cellulose treated with odorless resins and is able to absorb water without losing stability and efficiency in performance.


The air treatment unit is a machine for the air treatment in closed environments. When the plant is particularly large, they are also called air treatment stations. Evaporative panels are used in their humidifying sections.

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Our humidification panels

Our humidification panels are made in different angles, thicknesses and heights in order to offer the customer the most suitable solution that combines high humidification rates with low pressure drops. This flexibility also makes our pads useful as gas turbine components. Turbines must necessarily operate in the most sustainable way, reducing emissions. A cooling system for the incoming air is an advantageous option for installations where high environmental temperatures are present.


Due to the cooling of the incoming air, a gas turbine has a higher mass flow rate and pressure ratio and produces an increase in turbine power and efficiency.

The adiabatic cooling pads by Termotecnica Pericoli have a resin structure specifically designed to achieve excellent performance. Furthermore, they can be treated with particular anti-algae substances which further improve their mechanical resistance.


The cooling pad can be installed in a wide range of industrial installations. It can be used as an adiabatic pad for adiabatic dry coolers such as the PERIcooler, or it can be used in humidifying systems with disposable water or with water recycling and wherever it is necessary to lower the temperature in large spaces at a minimum cost.


The production processes that may require a pad as a component or as a spare part are various of which, the most common are:

  • plastic and rubber processing;
  • steel plants and metal processing;
  • die casting, molding, washing;
  • bitcoin mines and data centres;
  • Food & Beverage sector (wine, distilleries, breweries);
  • typography and woodworking.
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