Termotecnica Pericoli has made a series of accessories for air conditioning in agriculture and farms in order to create suitable supports for controlled ventilation systems. These products are essential to enrich the functioning of our machinery and even guarantee their good performance over time.

The machinery installed in agricultural and industrial spaces are often subject to difficult and severe conditions: ammonia, acids, dust, sand, humidity, gaseous substances and temperature changes are just some of the phenomena to which fans, heaters and machinery in general are exposed.

The accessories of Termotecnica Pericoli are created with the same design criteria and quality levels as the standard products used to build real integrated systems. Definitely reliable, they can be installed in any industrial space, even the most aggressive ones with a high risk of corrosion.

Our accessories are compatible products with each other. They are able to create a truly effective air conditioning system for agriculture and farms for those who are looking for a complete and structured solution. At the same time, they are useful equipment for the farmer or producer who are looking for a single component for their shed or greenhouse.


The range of accessories of Termotecnica Pericoli includes:

  • SOB;
  • RL;
  • LTP;
  • PERIdark.
  • Greenhouse plastic profiles


SOB and RL are air inlet shutters that are installed on exhaust fans or as windows for warehouses. They are made of strong and durable materials. According to his needs, the customer can choose between motorized air inlet (SOB) or the gravitational one (RL).

LTP is a light trap for fans and air inlets. It is an essential equipment in poultry farms or in greenhouses for growing hemp. It is characterized by a large darkening capacity and low pressure drops. It allows to filter the light from the outside, but at the same time to keep the agricultural or livestock environment adequately ventilated.

In PERIdark we find a universal PVC obturator for air inlet, resistant to UV rays and perfect for exposure to both direct and indirect light.

PERIcurtain is a curtain system for agricultural installations made of UV-stabilized polyethylene and available in a white or dark version.

The greenhouse profiles, available in PVC, aluminum, or galvanized steel are valid allies for fixing the plastic sheets or the rigid panels of the greenhouses. The large variety of shapes and geometries is easily adaptable to any type of installation.

All our practical accessories for climate control in industry, agriculture, and livestock are guaranteed for high-level performance.

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