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Ventilation and cooling systems in the poultry sector are not only recommended, but they are even essential for the well-being and survival of the flock.

For proper air conditioning within poultry farms, it is essential to install ventilation, cooling and heating systems that ensure all the necessary requirements for animal welfare.


For chickens and hens, dispersing excess heat is a very difficult process. Due to their plumage, most of the excess temperature is expelled through breathing.

In this way, these animals spread large quantities of carbon dioxide and ammonia through their breathing.


Thus, it is clear that ventilation and cooling systems help maintain a correct temperature inside poultry environments and carry out frequent air changes, which are essential for optimal farm management.

Starting from the design phase of the poultry shed, many structural and environmental factors must be taken into account in order to properly start the breeding of birds.


Normally the chickens reach the maximum productivity peak and a general situation of well-being when the temperature settles between 11 and 26 ° C. With the progressive increase of the heat in the environment and of the relative humidity beyond the thermoneutral zone of the bird, its heat dispersion capacity drastically decreases, undergoing the so-called “heat stress“.


The direct consequences of birds exposed to excessive heat can be:

  • greater water consumption;
  • decreased food intake;
  • slow rate of deposition;
  • lower egg quality;
  • lower fertility of the male chicken;
  • increased death rate.


Ventilation and cooling systems are the most effective solutions for cooling the poultry house during the hot period. The airflow allows to eliminate excessive heat from the animal, producing a sensation of coolness (also called “windchill effect“), but also to ensure the right supply of oxygen and eliminate metabolic substances such as moisture, ammonia and carbon dioxide.

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A wide range of fans that provide high efficiency

Termotecnica Pericoli has specially designed exhaust fans suitable for both laying hen farms and broiler houses. The customer, according to his needs, can choose between classic box fans or cone fams or direct drive fans.


In order to solve the problem of “hot spots” and “cold spots”, it is possible to install effective air circulation fans with a destratification function capable of making the temperature inside the poultry shed homogeneous and constant, for a correct distribution of the birds in the space.


If the above mentioned measures are not enough, and the temperatures continue to remain too high, especially in summer, it could be useful to equip the poultry farm with adiabatic cooling systems, which efficiently and economically manages to lower the excessive temperature while maintaining a humid environment.


The installation of the evaporative panel and its supporting structure allows fresh and new air to be introduced into the environment, giving the birds a feeling of well-being and also avoiding the proliferation of potentially harmful or lethal viruses and bacteria.


Humidity levels in poultry barns also play a crucial role. In particular, the first 14 days of a broiler’s life (also known as the brooding period), represent a crucial phase as the birds turn from an immature to a fully developed thermoregulation system.


Therefore, in addition to having adequate mechanical ventilation, the farmer must take into account the humidification of the shed.

And do not underestimate the importance of adequate heating systems for poultry farming.


Hot air generators in poultry farming play an important role both when temperatures are particularly low, but also in the brooding area. During the first period of the production cycle, it is essential that body temperature levels are high to favor the development of the chicks and reduce the death rate.


An efficient heating system uses heater units perfectly integrated into the air conditioning system and allows the indicated temperatures to be reached in a short time. Hatcheries, broilers and laying hens must enjoy a healthy environment and dry bedding, with evenly distributed heat.


Clearly, the air conditioning and ventilation system in poultry farming must be studied and designed in consideration of the external climatic conditions and the geographical area where the farm is located. Precisely for this reason, the staff of Termotecnica Pericoli is technically trained and widely present on site, in order to satisfy every customer’s need and to be able to study the appropriate solution to meet every singular need of the poultry farm.

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