Light weed cultivations

For the cultivation of cannabis, or hempiculture, it is very important to have air conditioning and ventilation systems suitable for indoor or greenhouses.


In a protected environment, the ideal climatic conditions for the growth and flowering of cannabis can be emulated in an optimal way, without depending too much on external climatic conditions and seasonality, and obtaining a qualitatively better product in a shorter time.


In cannabis crops, ventilation and air humidity are strictly connected parameters. If well controlled, they can easily affect the correct yield because:

  • they favor the oxygenation of plants;
  • thermal stress and thermal stimulation are avoided (too high THC levels);
  • mold, parasites and fungi harmful to cannabis growth;
  • it is possible to adjust and customize the parameters according to the development phase of the plant.


The grower must equip his greenhouse with ventilation systems that are able to maintain a homogeneous temperature and avoid too hot or humid areas, always pampering the cuttings and adult plants with a light breeze.


The ACF circulation fans have an air outlet cone that has been specifically designed to be able to gently refresh the plants without disturbing any heat shield. At the same time, its low noise ensures optimal working conditions for operators. This type of cylindrical fan, certified by BessLab Certification, is the most suitable for responding safely to the needs of hemp cultivation.


Humidity levels in weed cultivation play a very important role in the growth phase of plants. Its different relative levels are associated with each phase of development.

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Grow room

In a grow room with correct humidity levels, we find a RH index of around 60-70% for seedlings and clones when the root system is not yet developed, up to a humidity of 40-50% in the phase of flowering.


However, at the harvest time the recommended level decreases to almost 30%.


Depending on the customer’s needs, Termotecnica Pericoli can offer ventilation, adiabatic cooling systems, mobile coolers, or wall-mounted exhaust fans.


They are efficient solutions to grow cannabis in an ideal microclimate.


Proper lighting is a must. The greenhouse allows forcing the flowering of cannabis by using light filters, motorized shutters or curtain systems.


This blackout equipment allows hemp to bloom at any time of the year or to mitigate the light pollution caused to the surrounding environment.