i tre fratelli pericoli seduti al tavolo

Who we are

Our history

Termotecnica Pericoli was founded in 1967 by Domenico Pericoli.

At the beginning of our history the company was focused on the local production of boilers for civil use, which at that moment was a booming business in the Ligurian Riviera.

In the early 70’s we decided to associate the construction of the boilers with products for agriculture and in particular for protected crops.

Over time, our range of machinery has expanded and we have associated air conditioning equipment with systems for heating in the livestock farming fields:

  • exhaust fans for big environments;
  • air circulators and destratifiers;
  • systems for adiabatic cooling;
  • series of accessories.

Hardware Creation and Prototyping

Our goal has always been to create and produce the entire range of hardware intended for industrial farming and livestock air conditioning.

In the early decades of the 90’s we officially acquired the name of Termotecnica Pericoli Srl and, subsequently, Domenico’s sons took over the management of the company: Roberto, Mauro and Grazia still at the group’s helm.

With the new millennium and with the new management, Pericoli Group has decided to invest in a cutting-edge cooling system and to expand its structure with a new sales office in Albenga and a branch in the province of Cuneo, in Priola, focused on the production of the PERIcool panel.

The first steps beyond the Italian borders

The desire for growth has given rise to the idea of expanding our borders also abroad where the industrial, agricultural, air conditioning sectors were booming and needed climate control machinery not yet available locally.

The first foreign branch was opened in Malaysia in 2012 and with it we officially inaugurated Pericoli Asia Pacific. The main intent of the newly formed company was to provide the customer with a technical assistance service with high quality machinery and accessories directly on site, bypassing all phases of the transport of climate control equipment. In fact, the products we manufacture in Malaysia are qualitatively identical to those we produce in Italy. It helps reduce the costs related to customs duties and, at the same time, have faster transportation and delivery times.

Continued worldwide expansion

Following the success achieved in Asia, we decided to invest in a new goal: the livestock and farming market of the Americas. With this intent, Pericoli Centro America was born in 2014, in Mexico, and it is still working in areas that are potentially very promising for industrial, farming and livestock climate control.

Given the success of this project, Pericoli Middle East opened in 2016: a meeting point with a showroom in Amman in Jordan, an important support for customers in the Middle East area.

Today Termotecnica Pericoli is an expanding company, capable of following the needs of customers with high quality products. It is engaged every day around the world in the production and distribution of cutting-edge, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions, in order to generate an eco-sustainable climate.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Consolidating and increasing our primary role in creating value for the world of air conditioning, through the quality of performance, human relationships, social and environmental ethics.

Our Mission:

We are engaged every day all over the world in the production and distribution of cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and economically advantageous solutions, with the aim of generating an environmentally sustainable climate around our customers and staff.