Air conditioning systems for greenhouses

Greenhouses fans help maintain an optimal microclimate, which favors the correct and regular growth of the cultivated plant species even where environmental conditions are unfavorable.

Agricultural greenhouses are artificial environments that must offer special conditions suitable for the growth of plants (or flowers) to obtain a high yield and excellent quality final products.


It becomes crucial to know how to keep values such as air temperature, ambient humidity levels, condensation and/or air stratification under control in order to maximize production and ensure the growth of healthy plants and flowers.


It is necessary to have a stable climate inside the greenhouse, which keeps the following parameters constant:

  • oxygenation;
  • amount of carbon dioxide;
  • humidity;
  • temperature.


These conditions are necessary to ensure correct chlorophyll photosynthesis, to maintain ideal transpiration and to make the cultivation fruitful, as well as to reduce the spread of possible diseases.


Termotecnica Pericoli offers a complete range of products for climate control in agricultural environments.

Greenhouse fans in summer, as in all areas with a particularly hot climate, have the main goal of preventing the air temperature inside the structure from rising too much compared to the outside one (commonly known as the “greenhouse effect”). This phenomenon is mainly caused by solar radiation passing through the glass -or plastic-coating of the greenhouse.


Our air circulation fans can help limit overheating by moving the air around plants and ground.

Our range of exhaust fans can also intervene by eliminating the air saturated with humidity and carbon dioxide from the greenhouse, introducing new and fresher air.

In case of overheating, the adiabatic cooling system often comes into action to lower the temperature. It is the most efficient and sustainable solution so far to cool large agricultural spaces by introducing fresh air saturated with water.


The PERIcool and PLAScool evaporative pads accompanied by the range of MF or MDFX gutter frames, or the PERIcooler movable cooler are some of the options we offer our customers according to their needs and the geographical area in which the greenhouse is built.

Heating in nurseries and various crops is necessary when the temperatures are too low. Normally, hot air generators with fossil fuel burners are the best solution adopted in most productions.

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Heating systems in nurseries and cultivations

The heat input required by a greenhouse depends not only on the type of crop inside it, but also on the heat loss of the structure itself.


Termotecnica Pericoli offers heaters of various shapes and sizes, whose main features are efficiency, versatility, and thermal efficiency:

  • direct heat exchange agriTERM, easyTERM;
  • indirect heat exchange combiTERM, F-OTB.


In order to limit leaf transpiration or to prevent the soil from excessively drying out, a greenhouse may require a water misting system (or other substances useful for plant well-being). This is what our RWA centrifugal water atomizers are for.

Over 50 years of experience allow us to offer our customers a complete range of products for greenhouses and nurseries, guaranteeing certified performance and flourishing productions.
The latest entry in our product range are the greenhouse profiles, made of PVC but also in galvanized steel or aluminum ideal for plastic greenhouses or rigid panels. The great variety of shapes and options adapt to any grower’s needs.

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