Heating systems in industry

Heating systems in agriculture, farms and industries constitute specific solutions where temperature drops below an acceptable threshold, negatively affecting plant production and the well-being of animals and workers.

Thanks to our long experience in the field, Termotecnica Pericoli is able to provide its customers with heating systems in agriculture, farms, livestock and industrial sectors capable of satisfying any type of need.


The main requirements of a good professional heating system for industrial use are:

  • excellent relationship between performance and fuel consumption;
  • versatility to adapt to any system and environment;
  • constant and homogeneous temperatures;
  • withstand long workloads;
  • thermal efficiency and low running costs.


Termotecnica Pericoli supplies industrial heating systems in livestock and horticulture sectors capable of guaranteeing thermal comfort and keeping spaces warm and at the right levels of humidity.

Our direct or indirect exchange heaters are able to manage the air inside the warehouse or greenhouse by maintaining parameters suitable for the well-being of people, animals or plants. The efficiency of our heating systems offers low power consumption and great versatility.

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The main heating systems for industry

The line of hot air generators by Termotecnica Pericoli includes:

  • combiTERM;
  • F-OTB;
  • agriTERM;
  • easyTERM.

CombiTERM is an indirect air heater. It can be powered by diesel, kerosene, LPG and methane gas. Its main feature is versatility which makes it suitable for different fields of application in the agricultural and livestock industry.

F-OTB is a fan-coil or radiator with a ductable front air outlet equipped with high quality coils.

The direct gas-fired air heater agriTERM was created for farms and agriculture sector applications ensuring a low environmental impact. It can be fueled with LPG or methane.

easyTERM is a highly energy efficient gas system with a body in anti-corrosion material suitable for particularly aggressive environments.

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