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Our efficient ventilation systems designed for agriculture and livestock are eco-compatible products.

The sustainability of a product is an important evaluation criterion for our customers.

Nowadays, requests for a quality product are closely linked to its environmental protection, in contexts such as for agriculture and livestock too.


Many nations, in accordance with a policy that is increasingly caring for ecology, impose rules for:

  • animal welfare;
  • reduction of emissions;
  • lower energy consumption.


On this basis, Termotecnica Pericoli has decided to develop and create a new line of products called G-Line to produce eco-compatible ventilation systems for agriculture and livestock able to meet all the future needs of customers, the market and society. The most significant advantage of G-Line ventilation systems for agriculture and livestock is the extraordinary combination of excellent air flow at maximum speed and great efficiency at medium-low speed.


The design of the permanent magnet or brushless motors allows obtaining great performances in any type of application and for any range of power required. This results in a better use of primary energy and in reduced heat loss and limited obsolescence of the product.

The benefits of these innovative ventilation systems in terms of efficiency are even more evident in partial load operation since this type of engine allows infinite control parameters.


The main advantages of permanent magnet motors are:

  • reduction of heat losses;
  • increased service life;
  • huge parameter control capability;
  • more comfortable atmosphere;
  • reduction of noise levels;
  • wide variety of controls.
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The main G-line systems for industry

The G-line family is constantly evolving. There are many products that can be adapted to this type of technology and become eco-compatible.

At the moment, the engineers of our Research and Development department have developed two exhaust eco friendly fans and a direct-drive air circulator used for agriculture and livestock ventilation systems:

  • G EOC53;
  • G EOS53;
  • G EOR53.


G EOC53 is a cone fan with direct drive and permanent magnet motor. The 6-blade Peraluman fan has an optimized design to ensure high air flow and high efficiency at both extreme pressure and low speed.

G EOS53 is a wall exhaust fan that also exploits the benefits of the permanent magnet motor, one of the best sellers of Termotecnica Pericoli that our R&D engineers have adapted to the new technology, making it even greener and more efficient.

G EOR53 is a direct-drive circulation fan, with a permanent magnet motor suitable for suspended installation thanks to its four eyebolts. This high efficiency fan for ventilation systems is made with a galvanized steel body and a six-blade Peraluman fan for maximum corrosion resistance.

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