Climate control systems

Termotecnica Pericoli is a globally recognized company, leader in the mechanical ventilation system sector.

The systems we develp and build have design, material and production features that comply with Made in Italy standards and are distributed through a capillary network of agents who are specialized in air conditioning in agriculture, livestock, and industrial plants.

We offer a rich, complete and performing range of hardware designed for heating, ventilation and cooling of livestock, agricultural or industrial premises.

Specifically, our range of products includes air conditioning systems such as:

  • exhaust fans;
  • air circulation fans;
  • indirect air heaters;
  • direct-fired gas air heaters;
  • adiabatic cooling and water atomizers;
  • G-line of environmentally friendly products;
  • accessories to create integrated systems.

Termotecnica Pericoli offers a series of mechanical ventilation systems capable of satisfying the needs of any type of customer, guaranteeing excellent and certified performance. Our technicians are always available to design systems to be installed in any type of place.

The technical skills developed in over fifty years of activity allow us to distribute efficient and versatile products designed to satisfy every customer request.

The functional performance, simplicity and reliability of our mechanical ventilation systems allow them to be used at minimal operating costs.

Today, the necessary requirements for a quality product are closely related to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. More and more countries impose precise rules for animal welfare and the reduction of emissions.

Termotecnica Pericoli wants sustainability to be an essential and imperative criterion in the design of its fans and heaters. All our mechanical ventilation systems must focus on:

  • environmental protection;
  • animal welfare;
  • reduction of energy consumption.


According to these cardinal principles we have also developed a dedicated product line, the G-line, which offers many advantages, the most significant one is the extraordinary combination of efficiency and consumption.

In this way we are sure to produce eco-friendly products that meet all future needs of customers, of the market and of society.

Termotecnica Pericoli is ISO9001 certified. It is an added value for our current clients and a great presentation for potential ones. Thanks to it we guarantee standards and procedures which aim to high levels of production accuracy, in compliance with the highest expectations of customers.

edificio per la ventilazione
Ventilation Optimal mechanical ventilation that combines efficiency with a focus on environmental impact.
Heating Industrial heating systems providing thermal comfort and designed to maintain a warm environment with the right humidity levels
Cooling The essential solution when natural or mechanical ventilation alone is not enough to cool the room.
G-Line The new eco-friendly product line to meet all future customer, market and societal needs