Ventilation systems in mushroom farms

Some agricultural productions, such as the mushrooms shed in greenhouses, require a specific microclimate which helps and guarantees the proliferation of spores and maximizes output. Ventilation systems in a mushroom shed are essential for the success of the crop.

Temperature and humidity are the main factors affecting mushroom cultivation. These parameters intervene in:

  • growth;
  • storage;
  • distribution.


Fresh popular mushrooms such as Pleurotus or Champignons, contain up to 90% water.

For the producer it is essential to find the right balance between the humidity of the mushroom bed and the air temperature so to avoid obvious damage to the product.

During the growth process, in the germination rooms and in the harvesting phase, the humidity must be kept around 95%.


If the air is too dry the mushrooms lose part of the water they are made of. This phenomenon involves major risks such as:

  • weight reduction;
  • deterioration in appearance;
  • consequent loss of product quality.


We are able to offer a complete range of products ideal for the air conditioning and ventilation of a mushroom shed, germination chamber or for the storage of the product ready to reach large-scale distribution.

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High levels of humidity can be obtained by adiabatic systems or water nebulization

High temperatures for mushroom shed can be achieved by installing heaters for big environments. The models vary according to customer needs and geographic area. Whether they are powered by gas, diesel or hot water, Termotecnica Pericoli has the suitable machinery for heating the mushroom bed.


These systems are characterized by a low energy consumption and minimum environmental impact technology: ecological and efficient PERIcool cellulose pads or centrifugal atomizers can be installed. They diffuse millions of droplets into the greenhouse which, evaporating, absorb excess heat.


For recycling and air changes in mushroom beds, it is often necessary to resort to the installation of controlled mechanical ventilation systems.


They can be wall-mounted exhaust fans that remove saturated air from the environment to replace it with new, fresh air, or circulators to make the greenhouse temperature homogeneous and avoid “cool-spots”.

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