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Ventilation systems for livestock and agriculture are one of the flagships of Termotecnica Pericoli. The need for air exchange is a necessity in spaces intended for animals and in greenhouses.

In fact, the removal of stagnant air is essential to ensure a good quality of life for animals or increase the productivity of plants, as well as to prevent the risk of diseases and epidemics. Furthermore, mechanical ventilation systems in industry, agriculture and livestock can be used to decrease the temperature in extremely hot periods or to be combined with heaters in the coldest months of the year.

From the very beginning, starting with the construction of the first prototypes of our fans, our focus has always been to produce cutting-edge, technically and commercially advanced machinery. In the HVAC industry, technological progress is constantly evolving. Our long experience in the construction of ventilation systems has led us to acquire skills and to test new production techniques to offer adequate solutions to customer needs. We aim to achieve optimal mechanical ventilation that combines efficiency and operational quality with particular attention to environmental impact.

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A wide range of fans for high efficiency

We offer a wide range of axial fans for big environments. They are capable of satisfying all needs in agriculture and livestock, ensuring excellent performances both for greenhouses and industrial farming.

In particular, our range of ventilation systems for livestock and agriculture offers:

  • exhaust fans;
  • air circulation fans or destratifiers.


Exhaust fans are machines for maintaining an adequate atmosphere in greenhouses or warehouses. These are large fans that suck the air in order to ensure the right level of humidity and temperature. They allow expelling air saturated with humidity, ammonia, gas and heat, and let in fresh clean air.

Termotecnica Pericoli’s exhaust ventilation systems for livestock and agriculture are able to guarantee high air flow and efficiency. They are designed to meet the needs of customers and of the various fields of application: cone fansdirect drive exhaust fans, galvanized steel or stainless steel body fans for particularly aggressive locations.

Whether it is tunnel ventilation, cross ventilation or a mixed system, whether you are looking for a windchill effect or the prevention of heat stress, Termotecnica Pericoli exhaust fans offer excellent and certified Made in Italy performances.

Air Circulation fans are designed to move large quantities of air at low pressure in order to have an homogeneous temperature inside the warehouse or greenhouse.

Termotecnica Pericoli produces large size circulation fans capable of cooling and moving the air for optimal dairy cattle ventilation during sultry periods, in order to manage critical temperature-humidity index (THI) or to control humidity and condensation levels in greenhouses. But we also produce direct driven fans that require less maintenance as well as small cylindrical circulators with a destratification function.

All our ventilation systems for livestock and agriculture have been tested in our PERILab laboratory and are BessLab certified.

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