Where numbers work: the accounting department

There is a department where numbers have a special value and where the accounts must balance till the last penny, getting out of the snares of the intricate Italian bureaucracy and the most mysterious one of foreign countries…
The Termotecnica Pericoli’s accounting department boasts 100% female quotas: Claudia Alberti and Patrizia Comparelli are its main pillars, and , of course directed by Grazia Pericoli.

Claudia joined the company in 2007 and she deals with all fiscal affairs with customers: from invoices to credit letters passing through the export procedures. She graduated in Foreign Languages at the University of Genoa, she speaks fluently English, German, French and Spanish and gained her professional experience mainly in the tourism and hospitality sector before integrating the Pericoli Team.
Precise and meticulous, she loves travelling, music and sports as well as dedicating herself to her two sons.

Patrizia, on the other hand, is the company's accountant and deals with all ordinary accounts (purchasing accounts, banking relationships etc) and staff.
A degree in Accounting, she also won a scholarship of the European Fund for a specialization in accounting in the European Community with a tax return specialization. She speaks English and French.
Patrizia worked for 13 years in several accountancy firms refining and improving her skills before moving to the private sector and joining the team in 2007. Patrizia,  generous and exuberant, loves music, reading and traveling.

The roles of the Accounting department 

Claudia and Patrizia play a very delicate role. Patience and attention must always be key factors in order to be able to carry out a task which always requires the maximum precision: the accounting department -directly or indirectly- involves a large part of the Group's offices, it is necessary to manage the large amount of work in an organized and punctual way; with determination, establishing a relationship of trust and collaboration with colleagues and referents so that everything falls into place to guarantee maximum transparency.
The synergy created between Patrizia and Claudia allows this, and over the years they also created a solid team as well as a solid friendship even in the private lives.