Climate control systems in pig farms

Due to climate change and the general rise in temperatures it is necessary to install climate control system also in pig breeding.

Pig barns are particularly aggressive environments. Swine manure contains a variety of chemicals that provoke corrosion, such as sulphates, nitrates, chlorides, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. These substances can cause structural failure in the warehouses, and they also significantly damage the equipment installed inside.


Our main goal is to offer products for corrosion-resistant ventilation, heating and cooling systems of swine breeding.

High humidity, excessive heat and poor air exchange, together with the concentration of noxious gasses and dust cause thermal stress in the animal, causing limited production, worse reproductive performance, and poor health in general.


Natural ventilation is substantially insufficient to guarantee a healthy and beneficial environment for the pigs.

Termotecnica Pericoli offers its customers products that are designed to withstand even in difficult and particularly aggressive environments such as pigsties.


AISI 304 Aeternum steel is a high-quality stainless steel, particularly suitable for hostile environments such as chicken coops and pigsty or for gutters where water can stagnate for a long time. Its chemical stability guarantees an almost eternal duration, allowing the product to resist the agents in the external environment.

The Aeternum line includes exhaust fans  (EWS, EWD) and air circulation fans such as EOR and ERD in order to meet increasingly stringent air quality requirements to minimize the concentration of pollution in the pig breeding by installing high-resistance equipment.

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Heating of shelters in pig farms

The heating of the shelters in swine is necessary to maintain an adequate thermal level, especially in the areas dedicated to the farrowing and weaning or when the heat produced by the animals is not sufficient to counterbalance the loss from dispersion.


To meet the heating needs in pig breeding, Termotecnica Pericoli proposes the agriTERM direct gas-fired heater. It is the best solution in swine. In this application combustion residues can chemically attack other metal materials causing very intense corrosion.


In recent years, evaporative cooling systems for swine breeding are becoming more and more important. Hot summers force farmers to install additional cooling systems and the evaporative one is the most functional and efficient in pigsties.


The cooling system installed in farrowing rooms can bring great benefits to sows close to delivery, but also to piglets who, suffering less from the heat, eat more willingly.


Finally, even water atomizers can be useful in pig breeding to cool the environment, giving the animals a feeling of coolness. They are mainly used on pregnant sows or fattening pigs. However, it is necessary to wisely manage the nebulization to avoid unnecessary waste of water, and above all they can significantly increase the production of sewage.

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