Cooling systems in industry

Cooling systems in agriculture and farms are the essential solution when natural or mechanical ventilation alone is not enough to cool the spaces dedicated to crops or livestock or industrial plants.

If it is necessary to drop down the temperature and contain excessive heat in large areas dedicated to agriculture and farms such as greenhouses, livestock or industrial warehouses, the main requirement is to find a simple, reliable and affordable solution.

Termotecnica Pericoli proposes cooling systems that are based on the physical principle of adiabatic cooling.

This system allows taking advantage of a natural process that is able to provide refrigeration without using chemicals and that proves to be so far the greenest and most eco-sustainable solution against heat.

The cooling process takes place thanks to the passage of air through water-saturated filter panels. The passage of hot external air produces a partial evaporation. Thus the cooled air is reintroduced into the interior spaces. This phenomenon is called the “sea breeze effect”.

This evaporative system, which is defined as adiabatic, has been used since ancient times and it does not use any compressor or refrigerant gas. It can be easily adapted to different fields of application (agricultural, livestock, industrial and even civil).

The evaporative cooling system is the ideal solution to reduce the temperature inside medium or large spaces. Examples of this are industrial warehouses, that often have wide rooms and for which large energy consumption and much higher installation costs would be required by using other types of systems. The same goes for buildings, shopping centers, churches, etc.

To complete the range of cooling products, we also offer a line of different water atomizer models. These nebulizers, which can be applied to fans or in the stand-alone version, work at low pressure, introducing millions of small water droplets into the internal environment. They cool down the temperature and give a sensation of freshness.

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The main cooling systems for industry

The main cooling systems for industry, agriculture, farms and livestock of Termotecnica Pericoli are:

  • PERIcool;
  • PLAScool;
  • PERIcooler;
  • RWA.

PERIcool is an evaporative panel available in various heights, different thicknesses, and angles, treated with odorless resins that give the panel high rigidity while maintaining excellent water absorption capacity.

PLAScool uses the same physical principle as the paper pad but it is the version produced in self-extinguishing PVC. This is the ideal option for all those businesses where brightness control is required.

MF and MDFX are our stainless steel or Pluvimag carpentry systems and support frames for PERIcool evaporative panels. They facilitate the installation and maintenance of the evaporative system in greenhouses, farms, and warehouses.

PERIcooler is a stand-alone machine that uses the adiabatic principle to cool efficiently and effectively, significantly reducing operating costs. PERIcooler uses PERIcool evaporative panels: two ecological and extremely efficient products that together become the solution against excessive heat.

RWA is our line of adjustable-flow water atomizers. They are made of plastic material, light but resistant to any type of installation.

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