Industrial air conditioning systems

There are various fields of application of our air conditioning systems: from agricultural greenhouses, livestock and farming sectors to industrial warehouses and wherever there is a need for climate control in large spaces.


Within a closed space of medium and large dimensions or where it is not possible to close doors and windows, the environmental conditions can be recreated to favor the cultivation of vegetables, animal welfare or human activity.


Termotecnica Pericoli produces machinery capable of creating and maintaining optimal mechanical air conditioning for production or activity in industrial buildings.

Creating a favorable environment, managing temperature and humidity levels is an imperative in the greenhouses and farming sector: the conversion rate and productivity are factors closely linked to the environmental conditions.

Predicting thermal changes, maintaining a homogeneous and constant microclimate, taking care of air quality positively affects productivity. Finding an efficient and cost-effective solution is our mission.


In 55 years of history, Termotecnica Pericoli has specialized in the production of climate control machinery in livestock and farming field such as:

  • poultry farming: laying hens, broilers, turkeys, ducks, geese, guinea fowl;
  • farms: dairy cows, calves, beef cows, pigs;
  • agricultural greenhouses of flowers, aromatic plants, vegetables, nurseries;
  • mushroom farms;
  • indoor and greenhouse hemp cultivation.


Each of these sectors requires specific air conditioning systems capable of controlling temperature, humidity and air quality. For this reason, Termotecnica Pericoli develops its products by working in synergy with the customer. In order to create very personalized systems for climate control.


In livestock fields, for example, the FCR (Feed Conversion Rate) plays a fundamental role: an animal subjected to an unsuitable microclimatic condition can undergo thermal stress which inevitably translates into irregular feeding, lower production and diseases as well as loss of resources for the farmer.


Humidity, temperature and ventilation are important parameters to ensure healthy growth and a harvest in line with the needs of the market also in the horticultural sector and in the nurseries. On the other hand, an unhealthy environment favors the spread of diseases and the proliferation of potentially very dangerous fungi, molds and bacteria.


Termotecnica Pericoli is able to provide adequate and versatile air conditioning systems to obtain the best quality at a favorable price and with an ever-vigilant attention to efficiency and performance.