The importance of air changes in the workplace

Exhaust fans in big environments are essential for good air exchange. This is an extremely important factor because the quality, well-being and productivity of workers depend on good ventilation.


Employers must ensure a comfortable microclimate to their workers. It is a feeling of comfort and satisfaction with the surrounding environment.

Some environmental variables can be absolutely managed and controlled during the design phase of industrial warehouses, or through the installation of exhaust fans.

In a closed environment, fumes, dust, chemicals, gasses, processing residues accumulate, but also unpleasant smells, sweat and biological toxins. It becomes crucial to clean the air in the correct way.


In the civil field, air changes should take place with a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 30 per hour in particular situations such as the presence of fumes or dust or crowded environments such as clubs. In the agricultural/livestock sector, over 90 air exchanges per hour may also be required.

Often in industrial warehouses, windows alone are not enough. So it is necessary to provide for the installation of exhaust fans capable of absorbing the hot and saturated air of the environment, introducing more fresh and clean air.

Climate control inside industrial plants is not just for workers. A mechanical ventilation system is often required in the sheds to safeguard the quality of the product and avoid qualitative deficits during particularly sultry periods.


Termotecnica Pericoli offers wall fans particularly suitable for industrial installations. Our exhaust fans with different sizes are the right compromise to guarantee an ideal microclimate in various industrial productions.

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Main features of extractors

The main features of Termotecnica Pericoli exhaust fans are:

  • dimensions that adapt to different types of sheds;
  • made of durable and resistant materials;
  • BESSlab certified performance;
  • shutter system that prevents light filtration and contamination from external agents when the machine is not in operation.


We talk more and more often about air recirculation in workplaces, especially to ventilate spaces. With the covid-19 pandemic, it has become even more important to have adequate equipment and fans for air recycling.


Termotecnica Pericoli also offers atomizers that can be useful for nebulising, sanitizing and disinfectant solutions in the air.


Our wide range of products can also be used as components of a production process. For example, the combination of the ACF cylindrical air circulator and the RWA water atomizer can be installed in a rotomoulder to cool the molds in the processing of plastic material.


The fields of application are truly manifold, often even unusual or unthinkable. Our technicians are available to study the feasibility of the project together with the customer and propose effective and alternative solutions.

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