News from Pericoli: it’s time for the plastic evaporative pad PLAScool

The introduction on the market of plastic products signed by Termotecnica Pericoli continues at full speed. After the success achieved with the ACF21p air circulation fan, our new challenge is to launch an evaporative pad made of self-extinguishing PVC.

As we already know, evaporative cooling is a simple and economical way to cool down a large environment, significantly reducing energy costs thanks to the benefits obtained by the adiabatic process. With PLAScool the Pericoli Group offers its customers a durable product, whose particular design and shape of its geometries also make it UV-resistant and light-proof.

In particular, the Plascool HE dark has been designed by our experts for all those agricultural, livestock, and industrial installations which require a lowering temperature as well as a light filter effect. This model is able to guarantee excellent cooling performance with a low pressure drop.

Above all, the great advantage of this product compared to other similar products on the market is that it requires the same quantity of water as paper cooling pads do, thus making it perfectly interchangeable in old installations.

The material in which PLAScool is produced makes it robust and easy to clean, it does not require to be frequently replaced and this represents an important advantage in comparison to similar solutions.

The PVC adiabatic panel is available in the height range 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000 and thickness 150, and it is also possible to order it in KD kits (unassembled) in order to optimize logistics costs.

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