Termotecnica Pericoli and Refill Tech Solution: a strategic partnership in the adiabatic cooling sector


We would like to inform you that Pericoli Group and Refill Tech Solutions have recently joined their competencies and forces in the field of professional cooling for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Termotecnica Pericoli is an international as well as a family-owned enterprise with manufacturing locations in Italy and Malaysia with a network of dealers and customers all over the world and is active, especially, in the agricultural business.

Among its most appreciated products is PERIcool, an evaporative paper pad used for adiabatic cooling in greenhouses and livestock barns.

Refill is an Italian company with a manufacturing location in Italy that provides solutions for water and air treatment. They produce especially plastic products which are mainly used in the industry sector.

Both companies have a reputation for high-quality standards, and they have been partners for many years. They recently decided to join their commercial forces in order to be even stronger and more competitive on the market: Refill continues to manufacture and supply its products in the HVAC field and is going to trade also the PERIcool paper pads in the industrial business, whereas Termotecnica Pericoli goes on with manufacturing its paper pads and will include Refill plastic products and PLAScool pads in its portfolio for all the customers in the agricultural field.

This agreement was signed officially on March 1st and is now fully operational.

Pericoli and Refill sales teams remain available for more detailed info if needed, and they look forward to starting a new partnership with your Company, or to enriching our business relationship with new products!