When the distance doesn’t affect the Quality: the customers’ benefits

Pericoli Asia Pacific opened in 2013 when the representative office was transformed into a real manufacturing facility.
The decision to open a new branch located in Southeast Asia was exclusively strategic and logistics: the demand for our products from Asia-Pacific countries has always been important and it represents a very significant production percentage. In order to offer a better service to customers and to speed up delivery and shipping time, we decided to decentralize and set up a subsidiary aimed to follow and increase these specific market share.

The philosophy linked to this ambitious project wants to maintain and ensure the same quality standards of the Italian parent company. Not surprisingly, monitoring and quality control are managed by the Italian team following the cardinal principles that made the brand famous worldwide.

Pericoli Asia Pacific has the same Italian molds and methods for the product manufacturer and it can promptly serve its customer in a faster and convenient way.

Eng. Luca Piana (Quality Manager) explains: "We work hard to meet the various aspects of the product quality, not only by using excellent materials, but also ensuring the intellectual contribution of the Italian design. I'm very satisfied with our work in Malaysia, we maintain high standards as a prerogative that we also want to keep in the future … ".