Termotecnica Pericoli turns 50

The Italian company chose Genoa for the celebrations of its 50th anniversary, which took place on 12, 13 and 14 October 2017 with more than 300 customers and business partners from all over the world.
Companies are a territory’s engine, and Termotecnica Pericoli is a brilliant example of how development can coexist with respect for the environment and its appreciation.
It was in 1967 when Domenico Pericoli founded in Albenga the “Officina Termotecnica di Domenico Pericoli“. Today this family reality, carried on by his three children Roberto, Grazia and Mauro, has become a multinational enterprise with offices and collaborators in Malaysia, Jordan and Mexico, but its heart is still beating in Italy, specifically in Liguria.
The company has always exported worldwide the excellence of “Made in Italy” through the design and manufacture of heating, ventilation and cooling equipment for agricultural and industrial applications.
With a sales volume of more than 21 million euros, a market in constant expansion in more than 60 countries and over 70 employees, Termotecnica Pericoli shows to be a solid reality that looks to the future.

The event in Genoa

To celebrate this important goal, they chose the city of Genoa, which welcomed about 300 selected clients and business partners from all over the world, who were involved in conventions, meetings and surprises.
Guests also had the opportunity to discover the city through dedicated and structured experiences created by Termotecnica Pericoli: guided tours, interactive treasure hunt and many surprises were a funny way to engage the guests and bring them closer to our local reality and its excellences.

“The company usually operates in more than 60 countries, our products are chosen and appreciated everywhere, but we are always very close to our origins in Liguria.
We chose this city because we want to explain how wonderful our land is and how much we believe in the potentialities of the Italian industry. “
declared Mauro Pericoli.

“This is a very important goal that we want to share with all those who brought us here, from our parents Maria Luisa and Domenico, who dreamed about this company, to all those who believed in it and supported them to make their dream come true.
From our reliable credit institutions, to the suppliers with whom we have created important synergies, to our clients who have become friends over the years, but above all our workers around the world. With their constant and valuable contribution they  allow us to be who we are. To all those who shared with us a part of our growing path and left something of them in us”
said the President Roberto Pericoli during his public speech.