Ventilation and cooling in the industrial sector: the case of Kplast

The application fields of Termotecnica Pericoli products are very different, often even unusual or “out of the box”. The great versatility of our items allows them to be used also in fields that are very different from the common and well-known agricultural one.

This is how some of our articles can become components of a production process. For example, the combination of an air circulation fan and water atomizer can be installed in a rotomoulding to cool down molds in the processing of the plastic material.

In this article, we are going to describe how we successfully installed ERD air circulation fan in combination with RWA water atomizer at Kplast in Casarza Ligure.

Our client: Kplast srl

For almost 30 years Kplast has been involved in the development and implementation of the most varied and articulated projects concerning plastic processing. With a production area of ​​4000 sm, the company has 3 rotational molding plants of small and large dimensions.

The projects developed by Kplast during its thirty years of experience involve the most diverse applications: from the construction of water or hydrocarbon tanks to sporting goods, canoes and design furniture.

The request made to Termotecnica Pericoli

The manufacturing process with rotational molds requires the product to cool down in the air for a certain time being it is possible to extract it from the mold. The combination of air and water – reduced to a very fine mist – allows to speed up this procedure, significantly reducing the waiting time. This gives Kplast the opportunity to reduce their operating cost and increase their daily production rate.

Our technicians studied the system and the related request and proposed the stand-alone installation of our ERD 31 and 37 direct-driven air circulation fans together with the RWA water atomizer.

The air + atomized water combo is able to positively satisfy the customer’s request, reducing the cooling times of the molds and, consequently, speeding up production.

Furthermore, EWS 53 exhaust fans were also installed in the production area with the main purpose of facilitating air changes in the workplace and therefore eliminating carbon dioxide, odors, and processing substances from the environment as well as cool down the general temperature in the hot season.