Pericoli India is born. A new stimulating chapter for the Pericoli Group

Termotecnica Pericoli presence on the Indian territory becomes even more concrete: We have officially inaugurated the offices of Pericoli India.

The meeting point is based in Hyderabad, in the South India and one of the main centers of the country’s technology industry. As we have formerly did in the case of Pericoli Middle East and Pericoli Central America, we are starting with a representative office with highly qualified local staff able to welcome and understand the needs of customers.

At the helm of Pericoli India, there is the Business Development Manager Zahir Abbas who has been fully operational in the Sales Team for some months and he is now able to move his first steps in full autonomy in this promising territory.

“With this new milestone, the number of Termotecnica Pericoli sites in the world risen to 6: 2 in Italy (Albenga and Priola) and 4 abroad (Malaysia, Mexico, Jordan, and India), which strategically enable us to offer a punctual and constant service.
Despite the historical period we are experiencing, studded with international problems, Termotecnica Pericoli continues to invest in its expansion to develop territories and meet new opportunities. India is in fact an economy with strong growth and in the last two years has kept this positive trend. In the poultry sector, there was a temporary deadlock, but we are nonetheless confident in a rapid resolution of the stagnation and a recovery in investments. Our local manager has already several interesting negotiations on the table, and we are sure that he will seal the deals soon “- Mauro Pericoli (Director).