The Pericoli Group wins an important contract in the Philippines

Good news from the areas managed by Pericoli Asia Pacific: The San Miguel Group, a very important Filipino Company specialized in the production of food and leader in the entire Asia-Pacific (Southeast Asia), chose to entrust the ventilation to Termotecnica Pericoli for the projects of its new farms under construction.

This was made possible thanks to the consolidated commercial relationship with Belmont Agricorp and the perseverance of Mr. Eng. Tony Magno in proposing our products on the Philippine market. An ambitious project that will see in the coming years the construction of hundreds of poultry houses that will be equipped with over ten thousand cone fans EOC53s.

The cone fan designed by Pericoli and produced both in Italy and in Malaysia has been one of our best sellers for years, enjoying great success in terms of numbers and performances, confirming its leadership on the market and its reliability in the livestock sector.

“An order that makes us happy and optimistic: the Asian market is also giving the first signs of reopening after the Covid-19 pandemic. For Pericoli Asia Pacific it will be an excellent opportunity to start grinding large numbers again. An important reality as the San Miguel group could be a source of prestige for our brand, but also an opportunity for new profitable collaborations in this crucial area. We once again thank Belmont Agricorp for the synergy created, certain that the best is yet to come “- Mauro Pericoli (Administrator).