New sub-suppliers controller for Termotecnica Pericoli

Andrea Sacchini is the new entry of the Pericoli Operations Unit.
At the end of his training period he will become the new sub-suppliers controller for warehouse orders and analysis as well as a precious help in the control of our internal stock.
Termotecnica Pericoli likes to invest in young and dynamic people, especially if they are willing and experienced, and Andrea is a perfect example of this.

Born in 1996 and a degree at the Nautical Technical Institute, he is the youngest and most promising face within the group. A guy with a good head on his shoulders, mature, but also with the freshness that only a twenty-year-old man can have, and the humility of those who have a lot to learn.
Andrea, during the first months of his training, showed that he is able to learn quickly and manage the amount of work entrusted to him, but also a remarkable dexterity and inclination to machinery and work tools.
Probably, his passion for motors and vintage motorcycles have shaped him since he was a kid.
His task within Termotecnica Pericoli is not trivial: to make a “just in time” production system work, we need precision and a constant control of all steps.

"Our flexibility, that was developed over the last few years, and our willingness to constant growth led us to deal with work phases and warehouses outside the company walls. Control and supervision are fundamental features in order to always have the right material, in the correct quantities and in the right place.
Andrea has always shown impeccable dedication and a strong inclination to both manual and managerial tasks.
We are convinced that investing in willing young people like him can bring only positive results.
I can only wish him a great personal and professional growth within our Team” -declared Eng. Andrea Trespidi – Plant Manager.