Year-end closing with great results for Pericoli Asia Pacific (…and excellent growth prevision for 2018)

The Malaysian branch of Termotecnica Pericoli, which has been operating since 2013, ends the year with an excellent increase in sales, but above all with a further growth prevision for 2018.

The number behind the success of Pericoli Asia Pacific

Pericoli Asia Pacific acquires new market shares and consolidates its position in the Asian market. Operative since 2013, the year in which a production line (perfectly identical to the Italian one) was inaugurated, the company began its solo career in a market with very strong possibilities.
Pericoli fans were already known in these areas, but the company wanted to invest in a brand strengthening by focusing on the customers and offering great economic advantages in terms of price and shipment costs.

Since Pericoli Asia Pacific opened its doors, the results have always been encouraging, but during this 2017, performances exceeded expectations, overcoming the expected budget.
Just to mention some figures,  already in October, more than 10,000 fans were released from the factory in Malaysia addressed to the Asian market alone.

After these encouraging forewords, Termotecnica Pericoli expects a further increase for 2018. The budget target will be increased again: a new exciting challenge for the PAP staff led by Alberto Grandoni.

Factors that led to success

The positive results achieved are the consequence of many factors that allowed Pericoli Asia Pacific’s success. Let have a look at them together:

  • Strengthening of the relationships with the international sales network: thanks to the careful organization of the sales office and the inclusion of new professional figures, we were able to cover the area in a more effective way. More accurate and attentive relationships allowed to reinforce existing synergies and create new ones.


  • Improvement of product quality: the optimal management of claims with prompt actions in the production phase and the immediate resolution of the problems led to a significant reduction in anomalies.
    All the items branded by Termotecnica Pericoli and assembled in Malaysia meet the strict quality standards of the Italian company. Almost all of the components are studied and produced in Italy: this allows us to sell an identical product even several kilometers far from the headquarter and to reduce complaints and problems because each element passed qualitative tests and was designed to guarantee the best result for the customer. (read more about this topic here)