Marco Franchi is the new Business Development Manager Asia

The events that happened in the last few days at Pericoli Asia Pacific forced us to anticipate the new industrial plan organized for 2021 which also includes a reorganization of the Team assigned to that specific area.

It is with pleasure that Termotecnica Pericoli, therefore, announces the entry of Marco Franchi into the company with the role of Business Development Manager Asia.

Marco is a person who needs a few introductions, he is a professional who has been working in the agro-food sector for almost 30 years and probably many of you will already know him.
Marco remembers that at the age of six he told his mother, for the first time, that when he grew up he wanted to be a manager to travel around the world, he daydreamed of meeting many people different from him, living in contact with their cultures.

 After completing his studies, the dream comes true and, thanks to international assignments, he is able to travel everywhere, gaining experience and deep knowledge of the industry that he now wants to make available to Termotecnica Pericoli customers. Marco loves cinema, painting, and cooking, he also plays a lot of sport to keep fit.

The statements of Mauro Pericoli

"The particular historical moment we are living and the unfortunate fate of dear Alberto Grandoni have negatively marked this 2020. Despite this, Termotecnica Pericoli has never stopped and has continued to work constantly guaranteeing its customers the usual service and carrying out growth projects.
I am very happy that our business development strategy has coincided with Marco's expectations for his personal life. I am sure that this union of objectives and intentions can bring positive results and growth in sales in the Asia Pacific area that has always been very important and strategic for our company".

Marco Franchi has already been working at full speed for some months, unfortunately, the restrictions imposed by the pandemic by Covid-19 will limit his movements and official commitments for a while longer, but he is already positively contacting our customers and re-establishing interesting leads and synergies.