Durability and corrosion of materials used in swine barns: Pericoli recommends “Aeternum” products

Pig manure contains a variety of corrosion-inducing chemicals, such as sulfates, nitrates, chlorides, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia. Therefore, agricultural concrete structures reinforced with stainless steel, chromium steel, and chromium-nickel steel have a lower risk of structural failure than normal steel, aluminum, or zinc.
The same fate occurs for the equipment installed inside the shed such as fans and heaters.

Considering that corrosion has been identified as one of the threats to the structural integrity of livestock buildings, new materials have been developed to mitigate the risk of equipment corrosion.

Termotecnica Pericoli offers its customers different product versions that were created to resist even in harsh environments.

The AISI 304 steel “Aeternum” is fine stainless steel, which is particularly suitable for harsh environments like poultry houses and pig farms or for gutters where water may stagnate for a long time: in fact, its chemical stability ensures it is almost eternal lasting, thus allowing the product to resist the agents in the external environment.

Thanks to its characteristics, this metal is particularly suitable for the production of our gutter system MFX, ensuring high resistance to water corrosion.
Aeternum line includes also exhaust fans (EWS, EWD) and air circulation fans such as ACF, EOR in order to meet increasingly stringent air quality demands to minimize the concentration of pollution present in pig facilities by installing high resistant equipment.

About the heating line, our direct flame hot air generator agriTERM is the best solution in swine sheds: in this application in fact the combustion residual can chemically attack other metal materials causing very intense corrosion.

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