LTP – light trap: uses and advantages

The light traps are instruments widely used in agriculture in order to regulate artificially the lighting inside a building.
It consists of a metal frame containing a series of little wings, made in plastic or metal, which are installed directly on the building’s openings. Their functioning is based on the simple principle that, while the air is able to flow through the wings making a tortuous path, on the other hand, the light cannot be transmitted inside the environment.

Light traps in poultry

In the poultry industry, the lighting program is a key factor to ensure the animals welfare and consequently, good performance in terms of conversion factor.
The lighting program normally varies accordingly with the age of the birds and depending on the final target weight. It is, therefore, necessary that the entire barn is equipped in order to be able to allow such "light management".
Consequently,  one of the most stimulating challenges in this matter is to obscure the air vents (exhaust fans and air inlets), ensuring the required level of darkness without heavily affect the performances.
The wise management of light can bring substantial benefits in the output level as far as in the animal welfare (for example, the prevention of poultry cannibalism).

Light traps in horticulture

In horticulture the light trap is used for crops that require "total dark" treatments. An example is the cannabis crop in which plants require several hours of darkness (24-48-72 hours depending on the case) before harvesting in order to improve the plant resin and consequently their property.

If the main characteristic of a light trap is to get dark, the parameter that characterizes it is the "blind factor" (or light reduction factor).  During the choice of a light trap it is good practice to analyze the benefits in term of pressure drop and air flow and adapt consequently the ventilation system.

LTP by Pericoli

LTP by Termotecnica Pericoli is the right balance between high obscuring capacity and minimum pressure drop. Not surprisingly, it turns out to be one of the best products on the market with Bess Lab certified performance.

It has a metal frame made of galvanized steel which ensures good durability and installation even in the most aggressive environments, double wave wings in UV resistant PVC which can greatly reduce its weight in order not to overburden on the fan structure or of the air inlet and to be installed even outside environment.

It is delivered with a practical installation kit that makes it mountable on the main exhaust fans on the market.
In addition to the standard sizes, Termotecnica Pericoli can provide LTP also customized to meet specific customer requirements.