Learn more about us: the shipping department

In a company like Termotecnica Pericoli in which every single day we deal on multiple levels with customers and suppliers around the world, the shipping department plays a crucial role.     
By definition, in this office we manage all the organizational activities that manage the flow of materials from its origins to the delivery of final products to our customers.
Sonia Villani and Davide Giusto rein up this department in our headquarter in Albenga.

Sonia, within the Pericoli team since January 2008, is in charge of EXW deliveries, which means all those deliveries in which Pericoli company makes the goods available in stock and the buyer takes charge of all transport costs and operations. She also manages all the relations with express couriers for small to medium size parcels.
After high-school graduation in foreign languages in Vigevano, she gained a thirty-year experience in different logistic departments before running into in Termotecnica Pericoli. Professional, accurate and passionate about her work, Sonia carries on with the utmost professionalism a task in which time management and punctuality are definitely compulsory.

Davide has been part of the company for 13 years. He studied Economics and maritime transport at the University of Genoa where he successfully graduated in 2001.
After a period of training in other companies where he deepened also his skills in the accounting and administrative field, he finally joined Termotecnica Pericoli in June 2004.
Since the beginning, he has been involved in a sector very close to his professional interests, managing external shipping and logistic. He carries out his job with diligence, care and strong dynamism: absolutely essential qualities to be able to properly manage the flow of goods which daily enter and leave our factory.