WPC insulating covers: prevent heat loss during the cold season

The costs that a company usually faces to heat a structure represent a very important cost item. Understanding how and how much heat flows through the structure and what precautions you can take to use less energy and use it more efficiently are important elements to reduce energy costs.
Our experience in our business has taught us to take care of our customers by offering accessories designed not only to improve your production but also with features that facilitate energy saving.

WPC insulating covers are born with this purpose: easy to install, providing high thermal insulation preventing heat loss, and, at the same time, protecting the fans during long periods of inactivity.

It is estimated, in fact, that in a barn made of insulating material (eg. sandwich panel), near the fan, strictly with shutters closed, you have a very significant energy loss.

Our covers WPC made of Styrodur® 2800C, with a thickness of 30mm, ensure a markedly lower dispersion, better protecting your production within the structure and ensuring a considerable energy saving.

The results are surprising, especially when you reach very low temperatures: to gear up in time remains the only solution to further cut costs related to energy consumption.