Behind your orders: the back office

In the background of the sales team headed by Fabrizio Sappa there is a support team that manages and controls all the business activities that contribute to the operational management of customers.
Giorgia Castagna and Cinzia Caselli are the two main pillars of the company's back office: all negotiations, offers and orders pass by their skilled hands that have been the direct link between area managers, customers and production for many years now.

Giorgia joined the team in 2002 after gaining different experiences abroad, in Germany and in England, and the Italian floricultural industry.
She obtained a degree in foreign languages and she fluently speaks French, English and German.
Extremely patient and helpful, peaceful and altruistic, she carries on the challenging work of order management for the whole Italian, African and Middle East area.
She loves Latin-American dance, outdoor walks and the sea, hobbies that involve herself after a hard day's work.

Cinzia, on the other hand, is in the team since 2003, and she follows the European and American markets.
She studied Foreign Languages at the University of Genoa and she gained her professional experience in other realities both belonging to the floricultural sector and in prestigious brands such as Piaggio Aero Industries.
Very strong attitude, surgical precision and a direct and outspoken personality are the main qualities that make her highly appreciated by both her colleagues and her customers who she has been taking care for many years.
She loves traveling, sports and outdoor activities, passions that she always tries to keep alive as soon as she gets off from the work routine.

“We must admit that, within an industry mainly carried on by men, it becomes fundamental for us to have in our Team those strong female figures that become essential when we talk about organization, precision and immediacy.
Since our area managers are often involved in business trips abroad or busy in trade shows, the presence of Giorgia and Cinzia turns out to be peculiar in order to keep up the company’s operation and the interaction with customers. Furthermore, thanks to their background and experience, they work independently and create a perfect synergy within the Sales Department”
– Fabrizio Sappa.