The importance of ventilation in greenhouse: the importance of air circulation in hot climate

Plants health under shelter depends on a complex set of microclimate conditions. Ventilation systems in greenhouses play a key role in this mechanism with various derived benefits.

Difference between indoor and outdoor temperature in a greenhouse

The main purpose of a ventilation system in a greenhouse during summer – or in hot climate in general- is to prevent the air temperature inside the greenhouse from rising too high above the outside temperature (it is commonly known as “greenhouse effect”). It may be caused by the large influence of the solar radiation through the glazing material.
A ventilation system can effectively move the air directly through the crop and over the soil to prevent excessive temperature buildups around the plant and remove the exceeding heat.

Let’s have a look together at the common problems in a greenhouse without a proper air circulation.

Problems related to ventilation in greenhouses

The main factor is definitely the air stratification inside the greenhouse. Everybody knows that hot air rises upwards, but with an efficient air displacement there should be no more than 2°F difference in the whole environment with a resulting large and positive impact on the morphology, physiology and reproduction of the plants.

Humidity levels in greenhouses is  as important as temperature levels and the problem linked with high humidity rate are well-known: fungal problems, high incidence of Botrytis and water dripping off the roof and the wall. The air circulation removes moisture from the plant canopy, resulting in a drier microclimate.

Condensation is another ideal environment for disease organisms. Radiant cooling on clear nights will cool plants leaves several degrees below the air temperature but thanks to  ventilation this difference will be reduced.
Otherwise, in daylight hours, the photosynthesis depletes the carbon dioxide that is in the boundary layer of air next to the leaf. Moving air will replace this depleted air with fresh one having higher carbon dioxide content.

Termotecnica Pericoli’s solution

To overcome all these problems, Pericoli Group proposes its air circulator ACF on the market  : small size (available in 18, 21 or 26”) but outstanding performances.
Produced with highly resistant materials, it has been designed in order to ensure high energy efficiency and excellent versatility.
Its narrow outlet cone is specifically designed to refresh the crops without affecting the plants or the thermal screen. Furthermore, air circulation is important to provide a healthy and safe environment also for the people working inside the greenhouse. For this reason,  ACF ensures low noise levels to grant productive labor condition for the workers.
Certified by Besslab, ACF is the ideal product to face the hot season in total security and get the best production output.