Pericoli Middle East: our new meeting point based in Jordan

A reality that has been part of the Pericoli Group for some months already, a practical support and a developing showroom in order to offer our important clientele from Middle East a better customer service.
At the helm of this new meeting point there is always Mr Samir Alnazer, well-known face of the company who has been managing very well this crucial area for several years.
As a matter of fact, the whole Middle East area appreciates so much the quality of made in Italy, and the Pericoli brand has been able to fully take advantages of this opportunity earning important market shares and achieving promising results.

“Samir is the best person to take this project forward. As well as a linguistic and cultural factor, he knows this field very well and he has developed a full competence in our product range that allows him to be an expert, respected and admired by all the customers and suppliers for his ability in handling requests and advising the best solution for each specific need.
We wanted to further strenghten our collaboration opening this new location in Amman where Samir currently lives” – declared Mauro Pericoli.