Heating system in greenhouse: the advantages of combiTERM

How to manage the heating system in your greenhouse

A greenhouse main purpose is to maximize the production output even where environmental conditions are not favorable. Each factor within a greenhouse must re-create the optimal conditions for the growth and cultivation of the crop in a delicate microclimate balance.

Heating operates when the temperatures appear to be below the required limit. Normally, the best and most adopted solution is the indirect air heater which runs on natural gas, LPG or diesel.

The amount of heat required depends not only on the type of crop but also upon the amount of heat loss from the structure. It usually occurs by all three modes of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. Furthermore, other factors may affect or influence the heat loss such as the age condition of the greenhouse and the ventilation system adopted.

Features and advantages of combiTERM

After a check of all of these fundamental conditions for the optimal management of the environment, the best solution recommended to heat your greenhouse is still combiTERMthe indirect air heater whose main characteristic is its application versatility. The unique stainless steel combustion chamber guarantees an efficient heat exchange between the exhaust smoke and the clean air released into the surrounding environment.

CombiTERM guarantees outstanding performances and keeps the humidity levels controlled, thus avoiding all the problems linked with such phenomena as fungal diseases, high incidence of Botrytis and water dripping off the roof and the wall.

CombiTERM is a made in Italy product totally designed and manufactured by Pericoli Group which, for nearly 50 years, has been considering heating in protected environments one of its core business.
The product is designed to fit any installation thanks to the variety of accessories and removable elements that make it extremely versatile. The innovative design of the wall-housing assures easy handling, transport, and installation.