Peraluman: what it is and where we use it

Peraluman is the commercial name of a series of aluminum alloys (5000 Series) whose principal alloy element is magnesium.
The addition of magnesium gives an excellent corrosion resistance, even in marine environments, and a particular aptitude for hardening by cold plastic deformation.

The advantages of Peraluman

Thanks to such properties, our engineers found in Peraluman the right qualities to withstand environments that are very aggressive or rich in ammonia such as pig farms, without compromising the mechanical resistance when the fans are running.

Corrosion is a natural and irreversible process in which the metallic material is consumed by the interaction with the surrounding environment.
This process causes a consequent degradation of the physical properties of the metallic material including also the mechanical strength.

Many factors and different situations may be the cause of the corrosion process in agriculture applications, such as the environmental conditions in some farms, high humidity in some greenhouses or the chemical attack by disinfectants or pesticides.

A further feature that distinguishes Peraluman is the aluminum greater ductility compared to mere steel.
This property gives the aluminum propellers greater durability. Being more deformable, they are less susceptible to material fatigue failures if subject to material abnormal vibration.
If not properly fixed to its supporting structure or the proximity of noise barriers or dust abatement, exhaust fans may be subject to abnormal vibrations that can even lead to breakage. The choice of Peraluman can mitigate these effects.

Why we chose it

Pericoli decided to adopt a Peraluman propeller (as standard or as optional) on its fans in order to provide its customers with a solution to a natural phenomenon which can seriously affect the equipment durability.

With this implementation, we maintain high-quality standards of our products ensuring not only efficiency but also a low environmental impact with the guarantee to buy a product designed to face any kind of environment.