All about cooling systems

We deal with the construction of cooling systems for industrial, agricultural, and livestock use.


Mechanical ventilation alone is not always sufficient to cool the environment. In addition, sometimes the industrial plant requires a particular type of conditioning to reduce costs.


Thanks to our cooling systems we provide green solutions against excessive heat in agricultural and livestock environments. We do this thanks to a simple physical principle adopted since ancient times by the Greek, Arab, and Egyptian civilizations. Today it uses advanced technological systems, known as evaporative or air coolers.


If, before entering a building for agricultural or industrial use, the hot air passes through constantly wet filters of porous material, it releases part of its heat due to the evaporation of the water. This phenomenon, called adiabatic or evaporative cooling, allows internal temperatures to be kept up to 10 °C less than outside.

The results obtained with this type of cooling are even 6°C lower than what we can obtain with mechanical ventilation alone.


The water evaporates thanks to a natural process, without the use of energy. Large diameter exhaust fans (such as our EOS, EWS, EOC) suck saturated air out of the shed and allow the introduction of fresh air inside. Passing through special PERIcool evaporative panel walls, the new air is fresh and lowers the temperature of the entire room.

Therefore, a modest amount of energy is sufficient to allow the entire adiabatic system to operate.

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