New back office assistant for Pericoli Middle East: Awatef Al-Hwaidy

Awatef Al-Hwaidy is the new back office assistant for Pericoli Middle East and she will join and support our well-known Samir Al-Nazer in managing and scheduling all orders from the Middle East Area.
Awatef is the youngest lady of the Pericoli Team but surely not the most inexperienced one. She hold a graduation as Landscape Agriculture Engineer at the University of Jordan and she speaks fluently both English and Arabic.
Just 23 years old, graceful and with a contagious smile, despite her appearance she hides an interesting temperament, precision and eager to learn.

Awatef comes from a family involved in the agricultural sector and she has a huge passion for cooking. Her personal goal is to combine these two features in a family business organized in an organic farm and a small restaurant whose ingredient come from their own production.

“Working in this field with the Pericoli Team made me learn that the harder and younger you work the greater your achievement will appear” she declared.

Awatef  joined the Team few months ago and she will be an important actor to further improve our customer care in one of the most important market for Termotecnica Pericoli.