In memory of Mr. Enrico Viscardi

The Pericoli family and all the Italian colleagues, together with Pericoli Asia Pacific staff want to remember with deep affection their friend Enrico Viscardi, suddenly passed away last September 28.
Enrico was an extremely professional and capable person, devoted to his job and very much determined.
Born in 1951 in Brianza (Italy), he quickly grew up due to his father’s persistent illness that forced him to give up with his studies and enter the world of work soon.  Enrico_Viscardi
In 1973 he joined the Marelli Group as a simple worker, and attended high school evening courses to get his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering: it was a hard time for Enrico, long years of sacrifice, but at the same time the beginning of a successful career. Working 39 years in the same company, Enrico gained experience in different areas, but when he embarked on the path of the Sales Department, his abilities could finally be exploited in full: first he became Area Manager for Europe, then he moved to South -East Asia to open their Regional Office in Singapore,  then he was appointed Export Director and finally Founder and Director of the Marelli Asia Pacific.
In 2012 Enrico met Termotecnica Pericoli, goals and perspectives coincided so he became officially part of the team as director of Pericoli Asia Pacific .
A new challenge and a new bet, once again with an Italian enterprise eager to make a name for itself in his beloved territories.
He successfully carried out the start-up management  and the set-up of his team, and the results came quickly: Pericoli Asia Pacific consolidated its brand reputation gaining significant market shares and stabilizing the company’s presence in the South -East Asia.
With great professionalism and industry experience, Enrico easily achieved success becoming an example for his colleagues, but also a point of reference for his customers.
His ability to achieve his goals as well as the creation of a well- organized sales network definitely helped Pericoli Asia Pacific and the Pericoli Group in general become a global player.
Enrico was surrounded by a team of collaborators and colleagues who had already been working with him for a very long time and had also become good friends as well as an added value for the Pericoli Group. Needless to say, they can hardly accept the loss of their leader.
His tenacity and love for what he was doing led him to fight against an enemy that was just too strong and snatched him out of his family and colleagues’ affection too early.
Enrico leaves a wife and two young guys, as well as an emptiness that will be hardly filled in all of us who had the chance to work with him.

“We are very grateful to Enrico Viscardi for what he did with Pericoli Asia Pacific: thanks to his strong determination and passion, we could make our project come true very quickly. His contribution was essential to our global growth project, not only from the business point of view, but especially from the human one. 
Thank you so much, Enrico! “
Roberto, Mauro and Grazia Pericoli.