Termotecnica Pericoli introduces its R&D team

R&D is one of the most fascinating works in the company: it is the activity that has more to do with creativity, creation and innovation and where the potential of every single individual can be put at place. Our R&D department is made up by three pillars of the Pericoli Group, technicians who have been part of the company for a long time, living not only the transformation but certainly contributing to its growth.

The members of the Team

Leader of the team is Ing. Edoardo Capello: born in 1979 he got a degree in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in design and he has been in the Group for six years.
After a first period dedicated to technical assistance having a proof of the customers’ needs, he is now Head of the Technical Department. Edoardo is a great professional, but also an extremely concrete person: definitely, an “atypical" engineer who, besides the design work behind the desk, want to touch and feel the products, studying the prototypes in Perilab, getting his hands dirty to improve the products.

 Marcello Barilli, 52, joined the staff in 1999. He began his career working as technical assistant, thus having the opportunity of traveling and studying all the applications in which the Pericoli products are used. Specialized in mechanical prototyping, he gave a substantial contribution to the evolution of the company: his deep experience, a strong insight, and his knowledge materialized in 2006 with the invention of the Opening shutters system – which is currently under the company patent– allowing a considerable acquisition of new and significant market shares.
Sunny, helpful and smiling person, Marcello is one of the landmarks for colleagues, he is able to masterfully combine professionalism and friendliness never losing sight of the continuous search for innovative solution.

Luca Malfitano, born in 1977, is in Pericoli from 1994. In these 24 years of experience, Luca had an impressive growth both humanly and professionally speaking, living in first person the whole company evolution. After an initial period as Head Unit, he has been included in R&D team: beyond being a skilled researcher, he also manages the planning and the regular maintenance of the production plant.
Extremely humble and passionate, he is the perfect link between the technical department and the production chain. Luca certainly carry a huge amount of experience, he knows the plant and products in every detail, and at the same time, his avant-garde vision makes him an essential member of R&D Department.