It comes PERIlab: the new and innovative R&D laboratory

For nearly 50 years, Pericoli Group has focused its future on innovation. To keep its production independent and competitive in the market, Pericoli has always looked for innovation, research, energy efficiency, and competitiveness: this almost naturally led to the concretization of PERIlab in early 2016.

What is PERIlab?

PERIlab is a real R&D laboratory, fully equipped with the latest technologies useful to test and analyze the performances of our products. It is an essential tool that permits our staff to remain at the forefront of this R&D sector, pivotal in order to deliver every day higher standards to our valuable customers.

What kind of instruments can we find inside it?

This equipment meets the measurement requirements in terms of precision and accuracy dictated by the international standard as a guarantee of reliability and quality.
Thanks to the two test rooms that meet the standard UNI EN 5801, ANSI/AMCA 210-07 and ANSI/ASHRAE 51/07, we can carry out performance analysis on fan groups such as exhaust fans with air capacity between 900 and 95.000 m3/h.  The new performant machines allow to test and analyze the performance of our fans simulating any working environment, till the most demanding conditions.

Tests on circulation fans are assigned to instruments designed in accordance with ANSI / AMCA 230-15, which measures the performance and efficiency parameters characteristic of circulation fans.

Roberto Pericoli’s statement

“It is with great pride that I am here today to introduce the new laboratory; an important financial investment for the company, but totally due: the research has been in the past, and it will be even more in the future, the driving force for the growth of our global business. A special thanks to the technicians of the R&D department who passionately prepared this avant-garde laboratory” declared Roberto Pericoli – President and Technical Director.