Italian Ambassador Cristiano Maggipinto visited Pericoli Asia Pacific

Termotecnica Pericoli had the pleasure to welcome the Ambassador of Italy in Malaysia, H.E. Ambassador Cristiano Maggipinto, at Pericoli Asia Pacific.

The Ambassador, who led an impressive diplomatic career in Europe as well as in the USA, has been working in Malaysia for a couple of months only, but he immediately showed great interest for all the Italian companies and citizens that moved to this area.

The Malaysian scenario

The Italian relocated companies in Malaysia – or those that have decided to open their own branch offices in this strategic area – are less than 100, whereas the expatriate citizens are just under a thousand: a small community indeed,  but which can certainly exports an important know-how and the excellence of the “made in Italy” in many fields.

The Ambassador aims to create a collaboration among the Italian companies, involving them independently of their sector in order to attract investments: the creation of a “made in Italy” network that can further improve the business for the Italian companies in Malaysia.

The Ambassador at Pericoli Asia Pacific

The Ambassador got the opportunity to meet Mauro Pericoli as well as Alberto Grandoni  – CEO at PAP – who first presented the Company, our peculiarities, our history and services offered; afterward, they explained the Pericoli Asia Pacific’s main features and the strategic choices that led to the opening of the factory in 2013.

Delocalization allowed Termotecnica Pericoli to be more competitive on the Asian markets and in China: taxes and customs duties significantly penalize imports from Europe, and consequently used to make our products more expensive and less competitive compared to our competitors.
Smoother delivery times are also implicit benefits for countries like Australia and New Zealand.

The visit to the factory and to the production line also allowed us to better explain the concept of outsourcing that is implemented in this area: to outsource some phases of the production process, particularly in the production of components, allows us to guarantee greater flexibility.

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Mauro Pericoli’s feedback

As it often happens in the events organized by Termotecnica Pericoli, the meeting with the Ambassador ended with a pleasant and convivial banquet of 100% Italian specialties;  the PAP team also took part to it, thus making it an important moment of team building.

“We would like to thank the Ambassador for this kind visit, for his spontaneous cordiality and for demonstrating the presence of the Italian institutions even in a so far country. We are pretty sure that the Italian economic system will benefit from the ambassador’s project, directly or indirectly. “