EOC56 Internal Butterflies Opening System: why the new cone fan is patent pending? Features and advantages

Do you know that the shutter opening system of our new EOC56 is patented by Termotecnica Pericoli?
Our R&D team studied an innovative air inlet with an automatic depression opening system.

The particular air inlet integrated with the cone fan is characterized by a system of opposed opening shutters that allows us to guarantee the customer more advantages compared to a conventional one.

How does the new opening system work?

It is necessary to distinguish between two types of shutters: the first ones tend to close thanks to their weight while the second ones open and close by rotating in the opposite direction of the first ones.
The combination of these types of shutters creates a balanced opening mechanism we have called: Internal Butterflies Opening System.


The main  advantages

Less risk of blockage due to dirt: a geared drive system is subject to jamming due to possible dirt deposits in the grooves of the teeth. Our IBOS does not use any type of gear and it is more reliable, especially if used in very dusty environments such as poultry farms.

Perfect closure: the internal control mechanism without gears allows a slight mismatch between the two types of flaps during closure in order to ensure a perfect closure.

Friction reduction: greater fluidity of movement is obtained by the lower friction that develops when the inlet is working. This allows the mechanism to work even with a minimum operating force and without the use of servomotors, but only thanks to the airspeed.

Reduced load losses: thanks to the minimum effort to open the inlet compared to the other systems on the market, the shutter design with reduced aerodynamic lift and the particular spacing between them, pressure drops and resistance to the passage of the air are significantly reduced. This results in greater fan efficiency.

Money saving: when compared to systems with opposed fins with gear mechanisms, this is cheaper.

Easy maintenance: the particular spacing between the shutters creates a larger intervention space for maintenance inside the fan.@v@