Damiano Viglino is the new person in charge of product industrialization for Termotecnica Pericoli

Damiano Viglino, born in 1988, after an initial period of training has officially become part of the Pericoli Team.
After his degree at the scientific high school, he seemed to be oriented towards humanistic studies due to his preference for reading, Latin, and linguistics, but when he needed to choose the most adequate university career,  he was pushed towards scientific subjects and engineering.

Graduated in Environmental Engineering, he is passionate about all the aspects related to energy engineering and for this reason he decided to continue his university career by enrolling in the specialization course in Environmental Energy Engineering, graduating with honors.

Icing on the cake an Executive Master in Energy held in Parma that allowed him to deepen his knowledge also from an economic and administrative point of view and also including a course in Project Management with certification from the Italian Institute of Project Management.

Parallel to his studies, Damiano developed the manual skills learning the technical aspects related to the maintenance of domestic heating systems working as a maintenance worker and thus enriching a highly respected CV.

In private life he is passionate about a martial art called Aikido that has pleasantly accompanied him for a long time even during university years and that, although temporarily interrupted, cannot wait to restart and continue.

"By hiring Damiano the technical department has been enhanced with an extremely precise professional and methodical position, he will manage the delicate exchange of information between R&D and Production departments as well as better organize the initial phases of production of new products and the improvement of current processes.
We are very proud of the path taken by the company: in recent years many new figures have been hired in different departments and they are all promising and talented young people who have distinguished themselves not only for their preparation but also for their innovative ideas, visions and professionalism " declared  Eng. Edoardo Capello– Head of R&D.