Davide Pezzillo is the new Area Sales Manager for the Spanish-speaking market

Termotecnica Pericoli is pleased to announce a new entry into the Sales Team led by Fabrizio Sappa: the appointment of Davide Pezzillo as Area Sales Manager is now official.

Davide, born in 1985, has a degree in Economics with a specialization in economic sciences and financial markets.

His professional career is very dynamic and studded with various types of work experiences. He began his apprenticeship in an accounting firm and then he moved to Ireland where he worked in the Customer Service sector using the three languages he speaks ​​– Italian, Spanish, and English.

He later became a tax analyst, first at Deutsch Bank and later at City Bank. After 5 years of his Irish life, he came back to Italy and began his professional adventure in the world of glass, first in the finance department of an important Company and then moving on to the IT department, managing various projects related to the company’s new ERP.

His dynamism is also reflected in his private time: a lover of outdoor sports such as skiing, paddle, and soccer, he also delights in his small vegetable garden as well as in the production of Barbera wine that we can’t wait to taste.

Davide Pezzillo, after a period of training and coaching, takes full charge and will deal with customers from the Iberian Peninsula as well as the Spanish-speaking countries.