Air extraction in the food sector: the case of the Torrefazione Pasqualini

We already talked about the importance of air exchanges in the workplace to safeguard workers’ well-being and productivity.

We visited the Torrefazione Pasqualini, a historic Ligurian company, that chose to install our EWD exhaust fans in their Italian warehouse.

The company

The business started in the ’60s thanks to Piero Pasqualini who decided to combine the passion for the Italian tradition of coffee roasting together with the constant and meticulous research of quality.

Over the years Piero not only did he pass over his passion for his work to his sons Andrea and Pier Paolo, making them actively part of the family business but immediately understood the importance of continuously improving production techniques, in order to keep up to the increasingly modern market standards.

Today the Torrefazione Pasqualini is a reality that counts about twenty employees and a capillary network of customers and retailers that extends in particular between Genoa, Ventimiglia, the French Riviera, Lower Piedmont and the rest of the Italian Peninsula.

A company in continuous growth that is expanding its commercial network even outside the national territories.
2014 was the year of quality leap when the brand new facility in Cisano sul Neva, which equipped with the latest machinery, a bar-cafeteria, a sales point, and a training room, was inaugurated.

Air Extraction: The Case Study

We met Andrea Pasqualini (General Manager) and we asked him some questions about the air exchanges.

What situation did you have in the company that requested our intervention?

We wanted to prevent any kind of problems related to excessive heat inside the shed, protecting above all the well-being of workers involved in the production process, ensuring them an acceptable temperature and continuous air changes.
On the other hand, there was the need to safeguard the quality of the product by intervening before any deficits could be found.

Why did not you opt for a traditional air conditioning system?

A real air conditioning system would have been a very expensive investment, in addition to the electricity consumption. We needed a solution that could allow us to work optimally only during the hottest months of the year.

Why Termotecnica Pericoli?

We already knew the professionalism of Termotecnica Pericoli and its long experience in the ventilation sector for industrial plants, to this we added the fact that it is a very important reality of the territory: the partnership has been realized in a completely natural way.

What has been proposed to you?

Stefano Canale, the Pericoli agent who was responsible for this project, advised us to install EWD37 exhaust fan and together we evaluated the benefits it would bring.

This model was certainly the most suitable to adapt to the measures of the windows of the shed. Furthermore, a direct-drive system allows us to save in terms of maintenance (not having the belt) and to ensure greater efficiency.

Furthermore, an inverter control with a thermostat has been installed: according to the parameters defined by us, the system turns on, switches off, regulates the speed or number of fans while keeping the room temperature constant and optimal.

What results are you getting?

The benefits were immediately evident: upon arrival of the first hot days we immediately put the system into operation, and we remarked a significant improvement in the environmental conditions. For this reason, we have always tried to make regular and correct air exchanges.

Do not forget that in recent years we are experiencing very torrid summer periods in Liguria, and ensuring our operators the opportunity to work in an environment with suitable temperatures is a must, also because the well-being of people indirectly also increases their productivity.