2019 year of records for Termotecnica Pericoli: strong growth numbers and the best results in the company's history

Figures speak for themselves and show how positive the year, that has recently ended, was for us. Thanks to the acquisition of important projects and the consolidation of solid markets, the Pericoli Family and their employees can celebrate the "best year ever" in the company's history.

But let's analyze together the ingredients of this success …

Our main industries

The livestock sector confirmed itself as the driving force also in 2019. More and more markets and countries adopt policies aimed to safeguard animal welfare; this involves the construction of sheds and farms equipped with the best climate control and sustainable equipment in order to guarantee a comfortable environment for the animals hosted in and, at the same time, with minimum emissions and energy consumption.
In this case, the products branded Pericoli play a key role, proving to be in compliance with the main European directives (and not only) while guaranteeing the quality of Made in Italy.

The Horti industry follows closely with climate control in the greenhouse. There is now a concrete possibility of building plants for protected crops in any area of ​​the planet and this is how desert areas par excellence or arid climate – such as the United Arab Emirates – are implementing policies and investments focused on the greenhouses' construction.

The most important markets

As mentioned above, the Middle East and Africa proved to be top players in 2019, recording a strong growth compared to the previous years. Many countries that are part of this area of ​​the planet are focusing their efforts on the development of the primary sector by promoting the initiatives of companies that want to invest in this area through incentives or by taking the field personally through governmental works.

Europe, however, always dominates, remaining a solid and consolidated entry for the Pericoli Group, especially thanks to the numerous customers who focus on foreign markets and on projects delivered to developing countries even though their headquarter is in the EU.

Although with smaller numbers, Eastern Europe and Russian-speaking markets are also coming out of a period of strong stagnation and resuming ground: Termotecnica Pericoli decided to invest in this sense by making available to customers a dedicated team that works full-time on these areas which, in past years, have suffered from a political situation of strong closure and an unfavorable currency exchange. The efforts have paid off and the area has been growing continuously for three years.

The statements of our sales manager Fabrizio Sappa

"Our company has always questioned itself, over the years we never sat on our laurels and this modus operandi will certainly not change now after such a profitable year.
Our intention is to continue to invest in people, production technologies and in the research of cutting-edge climate solutions to remain among the leaders in our reference markets.
We have countless projects in the pipeline both in the direction of new products and in the restyling of existing lines, and we will not fail to present them at the various events we will attend during 2020.
Finally, I would like to thank the true architects of this extraordinary year: our customers who have chosen us for their projects in the 4 continents, our partners from our different facilities who have made this goal possible and the suppliers who have accompanied us step by step in the delivery of materials.
2020 has started with excellent prospectives and we are in the front line to try not to disregard the expectations of all those who choose us as their 2020 climate partner ".