Each product is designed for a specific need

  • combiTERM – Indirect air heater
  • ACF – Cylindrical air circulation fan
  • EOS – Belt-driven exhaust fan
  • PERIcool – Evaporative cooling pad

Since 1967 a constant reality


Since 1967 Termotecnica Pericoli is a growing reality which has offices and satisfied customers in all five continents. Official dealers and distributors in 38 countries worldwide. It usually exports its products in 68 countries.


The company choice, even in a period of crisis, was to exclusively specialize in the hardware manufacturing, in order to be certain to create even more performing products as well as attentive to the real customers’ needs.


To the big changes such as the market globalization and the ongoing job computerization, the company answers with the creation of innovative processing solutions, customized to meet specific customer needs. Each single component is obtained combining the use of advanced instrumentation and the technical skills of our staff.

We are present in 68 countries

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We serve a wide range of industries

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